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To achieve personalized fracture surgery for each individual

Anylom develops customized bone plate systems with short delivery times that can be used in fracture surgery.



We are trying to realize a world where anyone at any location can access to optimum medical treatment

Our CEO, Dr. Hagiwara, has been engaged in clinical practice and research as an orthopedic surgeon for nearly 30 years, and has seen many issues that cannot be solved with existing technologies. By providing devices that utilize new technologies to fit each individual patient, Anylom aims to solve these issues and ultimately contribute to the realization of a world in which each patient has equal access to better medical care.

The company name "Anylom" is based on the thoughts of "realizing a world where anyone at any location can receive high quality medical treatment. We are committed to the development of our products so that patients can recieve better treatment as soon as possible.


Our Business

Anylom is developing custom-made bone plate system, plate design software and plates designed with the software, with short lead times so that they can be used in fracture surgery to provide personalized treatment for each patient.

In fracture surgery, metal plates are used to fix the broken bones.Anatomical bone plates, which are designed to fit "standard bones", are mainly used in the current fracutre surgery.However, the plate may not fit the bone depending on the fracture site since the shape of each patient's bone is different and the surgeon may need to bend the plates during surgery.

Custom-made bone plates designed to fit each patient's bone shape  have been developed and commercialized.However, pacient-specific plate design are known to require time-consuming communication between physicians and engineers. This bottleneck has prevented the commercialization of custom-made bone plates for use in fracture surgery as the waiting period of fracture surgery is short.

Custom-made bone plate

Anylom aims to provide software that allows physicians to design custom-made bone plates in a simple and easy-to-use manner, significantly reducing the time required to design a plate to about 10 minutes. Our goal is to bring custom-made bone plates to the medical field of bone fracture surgery.


Yoshihiro Hagiwara

Yoshihiro Hagiwara

Representative Director and CEO

As Associate Professor at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, he had been engaged in clinical practice and research in the field of orthopedics until March 2023. He has around 30 years of clinical experience as an orthopedic surgeon. Prior to Joining Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, he worked at hospitals affiliated with the Department of Orthopedics at Tohoku University. In 2023, he co-founded Anylom Inc.

He received his medical degree and PhD in medical science from Tohoku University.


Kojiro Takayama

Director, COO/CFO

At IMS Health (currently IQVIA) and Bain & Company, he had been engaged in consulting in the field of business strategy, marketing strategy, sales strategy, business due diligence, PMI, and company-wide transformation mainly for healthcare, manufacturing, and private equity industries. After leaving Bain in 2021, he joined Kyoto University as an alliance manager to accelerate collaboration with industries. He is currently an incubation manager at UTokyo IPC and working closely with academic researchers to accelerate venture creation from academia.

He received BS from University of Tsukuba, MPH from Kyoto University, and MBA from IE Business School


Satohiko Takanashi

Director, Chief Regulatory Officer

In companies, he was engaged in electric circuit design and embedded software development as an industrial equipment engineer for 10 years, and then transferred to the medical device business, where he was engaged in medical device regulatory affairs, safety management, and quality assurance for 18 years. He engaged in launching First class medical device manufacturing and sales business, "Daiishu Seizouhanbaigyou", in several start-up companies in Japan. In 2021, he established his company to support medical device regulatory compliance. In 2023, he co-founded Anylom Inc. 


He is Registered Professional Engineer, OR, USA.

He received BS from Tokai University and Shinshuu University, MS from Hiroshima University.



Anylomが三菱UFJ技術育成財団「2023年度第2回 研究開発助成金」に採択


Anylomが小笠原敏晶記念財団 2023年度「インキュベンチャー助成」に採択


AnylomがNEDO 2023年度「ディープテック分野での人材発掘・起業家育成事業(NEP)躍進コースC」に採択


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MU-TECH R&D Grant 2023

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Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial FoundationIncuVenture Grant 2023


NEDO Entrepreneurs Program (NEP) 2023

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1stRound (8th)

Michinoku GAP Fund Logo

Michinoku GAP Fund 2022



Tohoku University Business Incubation Program Icon

Tohoku University Business Incubation Program (BIP) 2020


Company Name

Anylom Inc.


Yoshihiro Hagiwara


GinzaTH Bld., Floor 9, 7-13-20, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


April 2023


Planning and development of medical devices


We are currently recruiting for a development leader (CTO candidate). Please refer to the link below for details.





For inquiries regarding our business or recruitment, please contact us at the email address below.

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